Eminence with Regard to Tragedy

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See page 25 (book 2) of the above. Valens starts to talk about eminence before the section of what Schmidt says is "eudaimonia" which are conditions related to happiness. Saturn which obtains fortune hands over to spirit and this fits one of the conditions you are looking at from Valens. The trigon lords are more important in the initial consideration. That would be Saturn and Mercury with Jupiter assisting. Because Saturn obtained fortune and was found upon the midheaven with spirit, this is quite fortunate. The fact that it is in what medieval texts call detriment has to do with the result and Schmidt has said that such a planet "turns bad". So one might say that his "lot in life" is to be in a lofty position that turns bad. Saturn has a reputation for creating falls from heights and in this context, tragedy is not much of a stretch. The south node being present in the 10th sign also is an indication of loss in career. Saturn is however in its own bounds so it can effect from its own significations which are from Riley's translation:

"It puts into one's hands great ranks and distinguished positions, supervisions, management of others' property, and the fathership of others' children". - pg 1

The trigon lords are what are called the main support for the nativity and within the context of the nautical metaphor, they describe whether the "ship of life" is carried far, whether the ship is "buoyant", etc... When the trigon lords are in angles, Schmidt says they are better managers of the wind. When not, they cause the ship of life to be becalmed in the reeds. Below is the universal hermetics report on JFK from Delphic Oracle:


As captain, Saturn shows how JFK got where he did in life... Schmidt says that Saturn has to do with "family ties" (anangke) and this is certainly true of the Kennedy clan. It shows that his power comes from the fate that is part of his family because of anangke (the ties that bind).

Note that all of the other planets are disqualified except for Saturn, Mercury and Mars in the consideration of Kurios. Mercury and Mars are in middling condition and Saturn is considerably better, even though it doesn't "lie prior". If a planet is not visible and direct, it doesn't rise to the challenge of being captain. If not in it's own places or that of a sect mate, it has lacks talent or ability (incapable). If not in a place conducive to business (angular or succeedent), it never gets the chance to be called.

In the subject of eminence, spear bearers also play a role.

I would disregard what I wrote in version 3 of Delphic Oracle about eminence "weighting". As it said in the help files, I was just tinkering with the software and it is not what was actually practiced during the Hellenistic era. Later versions of my software handle this differently.

I am of the opinion that Kennedy was born shortly after 3 pm and this would place fortune in Aquarius (Saturn is still lord). This makes Virgo the 8th from fortune and the lord of the MC (Moon) and the lot of exaltation are present which indicates danger of death through career. The lot of exaltation present and it's lord in the 8th is also very interesting.

Also, just from looking at the chart one might think that Mercury is separating from Mars and has just overtaken it, but this is not the case. Mercury is slow in motion and Mars overtakes it. With Aquarius fortune, at the time of his assassination, he had Aries -> Cancer -> Scorpio -> Aries. Mars is in the 8th and the fortune releasing turns on the Moon in the 8th from fortune with the Moon in a rather strong aspect relation at birth.

His spirit releasing was Virgo -> Scorpio -> Gemini -> Gemini. Note that at the time of his death he was in his 10th from fortune period which is peak if fortune was in Aquarius and that this places all that power into the Mercury Mars conjunction in the 8th. A time of 3:04 pm or after is sufficient to place fortune in Aquarius.

Dave Stricker said years ago that he found that a lot of people with "famous deaths" have the lot of exaltation or its lord in the 8th. Kennedy has both. Exaltation is in 8th from fortune and Mercury is in 8th. I think he said that Elvis had this as well. Valens says that the cause of death is found from the 8th from fortune which is Virgo. However Mercury is found in Taurus with Mars. It fits the symbolism of an assassins bullet in the zodiacal releasing, but also the area of the body as well (Taurus) and the first bullet hit in the neck.

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