Why the Planets have Joys in Certain Places

© 2011, Apr 13 Curtis Manwaring

A masculine planet does not want to share power and lay out red carpets if it can keep power for itself. Notice a masculine planet in the sign of it's own sect has no exaltation obligation (Jupiter - Sag, Saturn = Aqu, Mars = Sco, Sun = Leo). Mercury swings both ways (androgynous). Venus and the Moon are feminine and both are subject to exaltation chores. Venus exalts 2 planets and notice that the Sun exalts no one. Venus (of the nocturnal party) punishes the Sun (of the diurnal party) for being selfish by exalting his enemy (Saturn) in Libra. The Sun and Saturn are light and dark, inimical to each other.

Some question why there are 5 masculine planets and 2 feminine planets but I think the real lineup is like this:





And Mercury sits on the fence.

Saturn is said to be the planet of "feigned appearance". Age and darkness obscure our sex. Saturn is of the diurnal sect is like a spy disguising its appearance, but because Saturn has no things of its own (it signifies other peoples children and manages the estates of others) it is doing for the diurnal sect what it can't do for itself. Saturn has no children, few friends, so it meddles in the affairs of others, even of the other sect. So Saturn is really feminine, but appears as masculine.

Valens puts it aptly: Mars signifies falls on ones back and Saturn signifies falls on ones face. The first is due to hostility being pushed away. The latter is due to agnoia of not being careful enough about where one is going. One is yang and the other yin... Notice that Saturn is said to be downcast and looking towards the ground while walking; now you know why.

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