Preliminary Natal Analysis - Concerning Planetary Motivation

© 2010, Nov 9 Curtis Manwaring

Some conditions such as found in the PNA (Preliminary Natal Analysis) speak to the planet's ability to conduct business. Schmidt says that some planets are more able than others (for instance planets in their own places / dignities). Schmidt would limit these to domicile, confine, exaltation depending on the context. Also just because a planet is able to do something doesn't mean that it is going to. Some planets are not as motivated as others (this is where the "goad" concept for the angles comes in). Take for example a musician with great ability, but never gets to play at Carnegie Hall - this would be like a well dignified planet that is not connected to the ascendant, has no connection to hylegical places nor the application of the Moon (such have the potential to turn tyrannical). Conversely, a planet without any dignity whatsoever exactly conjunct an angle and with Fortune and application of the Moon, etc, is much like our former president Bush - in the thick of the business without the ability to show for it.

Lastly, there are conditions that let you know whether a planet is for your prosecution or defense so to speak - the benefic / malefic modifications. Sect is one of these conditions as well as placement in certain houses, application and separation of the other planets, etc - for instance, an 8th house Mars can be strong by being in its own places and is moderately motivated because it is being turned toward to an angle ("kentron" in Greek - with the first sense as in being in a "center of activity" as opposed to the goad concept where here it is disconnected from the ascendant), if also contrary to sect, it is very much against the native and seeks to do harm. In a condition such as this, what is good for the planet is bad for the native. It would be better if such a planet had less power or was hindered in some other way. In some cases, cadency is one way for a planet that would do harm to the native to be redirected away from the native. Also, Valens says that the chart support (trigon lords, etc) will tell you which direction the benefic / malefic modifications will go; for eminent nativities bring down those around the native before it brings down the native (such as Nixon / Watergate, Hitler, Al Capone, Reverend Jim Jones, etc).

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