On the Mutability of Sect

© 2012, Aug 28 Curtis Manwaring

At sunset, power is shifting in the chart towards the Moon so even though there is still light (with atmospheric refraction bringing the Sun's apparent position even closer to the descendant). You can think of it as a lame duck Sun with the Moon taking up political power.

Valens says that when the Moon is below the horizon in a night chart that one should use the daytime formula. Also if fortune should happen to fall amiss (8th or 12th for example) with the lord in an impropitious place then the formula switches again. See my delineation of Obama's chart:


It is important to not just accept the lots of fortune and spirit as always static. Valens says that in some nativities they are more prone to mix such as an athlete whose actions (spirit) involves making or doing things with ones hands (fortune), etc...

Schmidt has said that the concept of angularity is really a composite concept, explaining that the word "kentron" has two primary meanings: one is that such a house is a place where activity revolves around such as a shopping mall where business is conducted; he other meaning of "kentron" is to be a prod or a goad to action. Sometimes the angles are called "pivots" or "pivot points" which has both of these meanings of the word "kentron" in the sense that one is a center of activity and the other has a sharp point which is a cause for motivation. In many charts the goad (the MC degree for example) falls outside of the main center of activity and that is to be expected. The shopping mall is not always active, as would be the case at 3 am and sometimes the activity shifts towards the taverns (a place of leisure). So he says that a planet is highly motivated if near the degree where the Ascendant, MC, Descendant and IC, but it might not be in the usual activity center. Also one can be in an agora (open market) area without much business happening.

The Sun is close to the goad (cattle prod) and if in the 7th whole sign is also in an angular whole sign house. The question is where is the Moon? If above the horizon, it is fairly unambiguous that you should use the nocturnal fortune formula unless fortune falls achrematistikos in which case the nocturnal calculation for spirit would become fortune if it falls better. When neither improves placement that much and the trigon lords of the sect light fall disconnected from the helm (ascendant) or in candent places, then one is fairly certain that the chart is base and the native prone to have a difficult life.

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