Consultations with Curtis Manwaring

I'm taking a sabbatical from doing consultations for the forseeable future in order to focus primarily on software development. The few who remain on schedule for June 2017 are still scheduled but no new clients will be taken after July 1st. Keep an eye on this page for changes in this status. My apologies to the rest of you. You might consider Demetra George who has also been a long time student of Robert Schmidt.

Curtis ManwaringI have been a student of astrology since 1975. Having started out in the Rudhyar/psychological tradition, I turned to more traditional techniques found in medieval and Hellenistic astrology. In the early 90's, I was one of the first to get involved in Project Hindsight which was a translation project by Robert Schmidt, Robert Hand and Robert Zoller of ancient texts, primarily in Greek and Latin, into English. In the mid 90's I was the first to program Hellenistic astrological techniques found by Project Hindsight into windows software and now more than a decade later, the major astrology software companies are imitating my work (Cosmic Patterns, Astrolabe, and others attempted to hire me). I have worked closely with the founder of Project Hindsight, Robert Schmidt for over 15 years and have learned many techniques that have never been published by him, some of which support existing techniques found in evolutionary astrology.

Since many have asked me to read their birth chart according to Hellenistic technique, I have decided to formally put up this page for astrological chart readings for those of you who are interested. You will need to have some information in order to have a successful reading:

  1. An accurate time of birth - to the nearest minute if possible. This can be found on the birth certificate for many of those who are younger.
  2. Date and location of birth.

One thing that I ask people to do is to write a short biography (outline) as if it was for chapters in your book. For example in regards to career, one should think of the times when they were in different phases of their career. One would be "when I first got interested in physics", then "period during which I was studying under Dr. H", then "started working toward my PhD", then any career setbacks, changes in career focus or change in career altogether, honors, etc.

Try not to focus on exact dates so much. Those are important, but an event is not something that happens in isolation but is a process starting with something in the past that culminates into something that brings earlier decisions into focus. We can use the exact dates of important events to start, but their inceptions usually always come earlier. It is best to think in terms of goals and how you pursued them at various times in your life. For example, "a graduation" is not just the "receiving of the diploma" moment, but starts with reviewing various schools, the acceptance letter, the enrollment, then classes and studying, the choosing of your major, involvement in extracurricular activities, matirculation, the final gathering graduation speech, etc. One should think in terms of these processes that begin with a significant decision to pursue something and follow it through or not. One should do the same thing in regards to health and finances. People go through times of ill health sometimes, weight changes, surgery, accidents. In this way one begins to understand what one is looking at in the chart and then knowing the future is a matter of extrapolating from what happened in the past.

What a Hellenistic style reading consists of

  1. Examination of chart eminence - how far you get in life. This involves Schmidt's explanation of the nautical metaphor and how this applies to your life.
  2. When one is most likely to find their life purpose based upon Schmidt's interpretation of the Universal Hermetic techniques.
  3. Career peaks - activity highs and lows, when career shifts are most likely to happen, and whether you will become famous and if so, when...
  4. The place of acquisition - what one derives their income from and when one is most likely to become financially successful.
  5. Family and relationships with spouse, brothers and sisters if any.
  6. Parents, their status and the forecast of predeceasing if requested (with discussion on ethics).
  7. Dangerous times for health and sickness / death. (exact forecast of death is not possible, nor wise, but there are dangerous "windows" in time).
  8. Current circumstances - currently active time lords and what major issues are in the forefront.

How to order readings

A standard reading takes 1 hour (by phone or GoToAssist) and since I charge in 15 minute segments, just change the quantity field below. Some people may not be interested in the full scope, so if you are just interested in chart eminence or a single area, 15 minutes will suffice and I can look into that subject matter for you. I recommend you call or email first to schedule a reading, then place an order with info about your birth stats in the "Special Order Instructions" field of the order form.

I can also do your reading by GoToAssist if requested (which will save you phone charges) and in this case I can install a trial copy of Delphic Oracle onto your PC and start the reading using the chat dialog interface. This way is ideal to see what I am looking at, especially if you are a student of astrology yourself. Because it takes longer to type than to talk, a reading with GoToAssist will be scheduled to be twice as long, but at no extra charge. You are welcome to do both ways at the same time if you wish, but it will be scheduled at the phone rate. Contact me (315-200-2025) if you have any questions.



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