Software Licensing

As of January 28th, 2014 there is a new licensing option that affects Timaeus and Delphic Oracle users known as the "Lifetime License" described below.

Lifetime License: Longtime users who can show that they have receipts totalling $399.00 for software on this site are eligible for free upgrades forever. Due to the fact that Timaeus has become the "lite version" of Delphic Oracle, Timaeus users can upgrade to Delphic Oracle (use the Timaeus registered users area to upgrade). In order to not confuse users, the lifetime license is not the standard option on the shopping cart but is meant to grandfather in those long time supporters of my work because there have been many versions released over the last decade or so. The standard license described below is the one that has always been used and one can eventually graduate into the lifetime license status through upgrades. If you qualify, contact me and I'll send you updated registrations free of charge.

Standard License: This license is the one that has been around since the beginning and is the industry standard for shareware. One buys a copy at the major version price currently available and is eligible for free upgrades up to the next major version release upon which a standard license user is eligible for a discount on upgrades. For instance one buys Delphic Oracle 7 at $199.95 and receives free updates until version 8 comes out at which time this user can opt to upgrade to version 8 at about $50 (the average upgrade price). Save your receipts in this case since a total of $399.00 will convert you to a lifetime license on all software.


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