About GUI Styles


GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. It is one of the most important factors that makes or breaks your experience as a software user. Just as it has been done with the various Themes in the Chart Designer (F2), the rest of the controls have been given a "theme" so that the whole user interface can be made to match including new icons, creating a streamlined effect. You will see a new group at top left near the main menu called "GUI Styes". Currently there are 34 different styles available. Some have a rather dark background, some light and everything in between. When you change the GUI style, the Chart Designer is also loaded so that you can switch chart themes to match if you wish, then click Apply or Save and every single control in the program will take on your settings.

smoky quartz style

Here is an example of how dramatic the change in user interface appearance can be:

ruby graphite style

main menu theme

There are various glow effects to buttons, tabs, menu items, etc... These are just two of the styles currently available and this is just the beginning of entry into an entirely new field of programming...


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