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Welcome to Delphic Oracle! This program is designed for those interested in hellenistic astrology and research in hellenistic methods and can be used to study the reconstruction of the "System of Hermes" by Robert Schmidt. It follows many of the techniques of Vettius Valens and other hellenistic era astrologers.

The issue of zodiac is taken seriously in this program because the tropical and sidereal zodiacs were nearly coincident at the time of the hellenistic era astrologers. We cannot assume that the hellenistic methods were meant for a tropical zodiac because this was a time when eastern and western traditions were united. In fact, it is unlikely that the labels for eastern and western astrology even existed in the hellenistic era. Because of this, Vedic astrological researchers will potentially have interest in this program. Delphic Oracle also explores the use of time lord methods which have been missing from western astrology for nearly 2000 years!

Special thanks go to Robert Schmidt for making this work possible.  Without his work in translating Valens, Hephaistio, etc... this program would not have become a reality.

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