Payment by Bitcoin

Bitcoin Accepted Here I offer the option of paying in bitcoin for those of you who prefer to do so or those of you who have no other way. Because the exchange rate changes quite a bit I offer a small discount for paying this way. I will do my best to keep up with the exchange rate between USD and BTC/XBT (bitcoin) so feel free to contact me if for some reason the stated bitcoin prices go above paying the current USD prices stated on this page and we can renegotiate.

QR Code These prices assume 1 BTC = $4500 USD, calculated in this way: price of item in USD / price of bitcoin in USD. For example Delphic Oracle XPF = $149.95, divide this by $4500 = 0.033 BTC.

I assume if you are paying this way that you understand the technical aspects of bitcoin, but please send me a message of what you ordered. It's safer to scan the QR code posted to the right, but the public address is also listed below for you to copy and paste:

bitcoin public address: 1Ni91kgkKD3CZov6p6BfvU6R62yAUYtfEt

You can check transaction status by using I also have the ability to transact in other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin. Contact me for details.

I believe very strongly in the future of bitcoin. I highly recommend these bitcoin videos by Andreas Antonopoulos.


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