Interactive Delphic Oracle Training Classes via GoToAssist

This class is for those who are interested in getting to know more about traditional astrological techniques and what to look for in various time lord systems, universal techniques and topics while using Delphic Oracle. If you do not have a copy of Delphic Oracle on your machine, then the first part of the session will be installation of a trial copy at no charge and the training session will begin when installation is complete (you don't need to be a registered user to take this class, but you will probably want to register so you can continue using it past the trial period). The format is similar to the way I do readings by GoToAssist, but basic knowledge of astrology is assumed, so this class is best for professional astrologers, or intermediate to advanced students of astrology.

GoToAssist is normally used as a technical support tool, but it has features that are similar to remote video conferencing with the advantage that you get to see exactly how the software operates in real time with your mouse controlled by remote assistance. A chat dialog is used to explain what is going on and sometimes I've used it while being on the phone at the same time. It is the fastest and best way to get you up to speed because you learn by doing "hands on".

At the current time, classes can be scheduled within a couple of days of ordering. I suggest that you give your time zone / location and best time for an appointment in the Special Order Instructions area of the order form and we can set up a time by phone or email. If my schedule gets too busy, a schedule of availabe times will be posted on this page so that you know how long of a wait you are in for.

This class covers the use of the following areas in Delphic Oracle:

  1. Basic chart setup, saving and opening charts, using the Terran Atlas and creating databases.
  2. Preliminary natal analysis functions on the group bar.
  3. The universal hermetic techniques and the evaluation of eminence using the wizards.
  4. The identification of topics using visibility settings and lots.
  5. The identification of important time lord sequences using graphical controls and lists.
  6. Cross referencing time lord sequences to transits, progressions, and phasis conditions using the autogenerated charts function and graphic ephemeris.
 GoToAssist Training Class (1 hr *): $120.00 Quantity:   

* The 1 hour rate applies if conferencing by phone at the same time, otherwise if only the chat dialog is used, then the scheduled time is doubled to account for the slower speed of typing. In many areas of the world it is not feasable to use the phone at the same time, so if you choose to just use the chat dialog, the class will last 2 hours.



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