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Curt Manwaring, at the officeCurtis Manwaring - Software engineer and CEO of Zoidiasoft Technologies. Wrote and designed Zodiacal Aphesis, Timaeus and Delphic Oracle astrology software based upon Schmidt's reconstruction of the "System of Hermes". Pictured at right in Fall 1997 while writing Zodiacal Aphesis (later renamed Zodiacal Releasing).

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Recent Events

9-11-2016: The Fixed Stars and Aspect lines are now working in Delphic Oracle software. The last important function that remains is printing before all functions are complete. A new video on youtube shows TerraChron 4DHD astrocatrography and other program features.

7-31-2016: The Windows version of Delphic Oracle 9 XPF has been released! This release represents the greatest step forward for this program since its initial release in 2003. The native Mac version still needs file configuration and more testing. For more news on this update please visit the Delphic Oracle software page.

3-8-2016: Terran Atlas 2.0.30 for Mac OSX has been released! The Terran Atlas now runs natively on Mac OSX as well as Windows and no longer needs VMWare or any other emulaton software. The Mac version is set up as a package which you unzip and install to the /Applications/ folder. Registered users can login to the upgrades page to download.

2-26-2016: Zodiacal Releasing 2.0 for Mac OSX has been released. This is primarily a test of the PAServer and deployment through my programming environment of software I wrote in 1997 which was released on windows a long time ago. But you can get the installation for Mac OSX on the software download page.

2-2-2016: A new responsive web design for mobile users is in the works. Delphic Oracle 9 XPF graphic routines are nearly finished and will soon enter the testing phase. Until release, new and currently registered users of version 8+ will receive free upgrades to Delphic Oracle XPF. This new version has HD graphics with gradients, alphablending, enhanced multi-dimensional astrocartography (TerraChron), etc...

10-17-2015: New Windows 10 Styles have been added to Delphic Oracle. Registered users can download updated software on the upgrade page.

7-6-2015: The Terran Atlas and Chart Setup Dialog windows are demonstrated in this new video on YouTube (13:47).

1-18-2015: There's a new video on John Denver's chart examining his career and death through zodiacal releasing and another on how to use the Wheel Wizard in Delphic Oracle 8.

12-7-2014: NEW! Delphic Oracle 8 TerraChrontm in 4D High Definition raises 3D vector animation to a new level with time lord astrocartography! The new Wheel Designer Wizard has also been finished.

8-12-2014: A new YouTube video on Delphic Oracle 7 which was hosted by Kepler.edu on Saturday August 2nd between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm (Pacific time) to demonstrate various Hellenistic time lord procedures and other traditional techniques is now online here.

3-17-2014: New YouTube videos on Delphic Oracle 7 have been uploaded. One is an introduction on using Delphic Oracle 7 for Hellenistic and Medieval astrological techniques, another shows how to use time lords and live data in cross referencing methods. Also the birth charts of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Carson have been delineated.

3-3-2014: Delphic Oracle 7 Hellenistic astrology software has been updated to version 2.0 of the Swiss Ephemeris which is based upon the planetary and lunar ephemeris DE431 developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. See readme for more info...

1-28-2014: A new licensing structure for all software on this site is now in effect to deal with the issue of multiple version upgrades. See the document on software licensing for more info.

12-5-2013: Timaeus 9 Pro has been released! See main Timaeus 9 Pro readme for more info...

10-31-2013: The Mystery of 27 is a strange personal anecdote straight from the twilight zone about the Capricorn Fortune period that I was in and the coincidences that transpired in the hours leading up to the loosing of the bond.

10-14-2013: Delphic Oracle 7.0 is released! The program has expanded display capabilities such as Time Wheels tm, GUI Styles tm and fixed stars in the chart, etc. The Terran Atlas has been updated with the Olson zone rules through 2013g and now includes access for windows developers who wish to use the Terran Atlas with other astrological / astronomical software.

2-21-13: Martijn van Bemmel has created a new set of professional icons for Delphic Oracle in various sizes up to 256 x 256. This same design now replaces the (X) logo on the high resolution version of this website. Registered users can download now...

1-29-13: Postal Rate Increases have forced shipping rate changes. In order to simplify ordering, the DVD video manual for Delphic Oracle is included free of charge when a DVD is sent to shipping address with a Delphic Oracle license. Rates can be found on the order page.

1-21-13: Gauricus Monthly Revolutions and Solar Monthly Profections have been added to the Derived charts window in Delphic Oracle. These are based upon Ile Spasev's article on revolutions during the Renaissance. Related is the new Junctinus variation on annual divisions in both the time lord systems window and graphs.

1-1-2013: Happy Prime Numbers day!. Delphic Oracle has been updated with primary directions based upon Martin Gansten's PDDC (Primary Directions Diploma Course) including Regiomontanus circle of position, Placidus under the pole, Placidian mundane directions, etc.... Also included medieval sect considerations and modifications of Mercury's sect as an option. See Readme for more info.

12-4-2012: Delphic Oracle, Timaeus Pro and the Terran Atlas have been updated with the changes in 2012f - 2012j of the Olson time zone database and a new fixed stars report sortable by magnitude, declination, or ecliptic latitude and many other criterion with comparisons to planets, asteroids, etc... The Chaldean bounds are now part of Delphic Oracle...

5-29-2012: Delphic Oracle 6 and Timaeus 8 Pro software now include the Solar Revolution method described by Umar Al-Tabari and several other changes at the request of Ben Dykes, PhD. The circumambulation routine has been expanded with user defined points. See Delphic Oracle readme and Timaeus readme for more info. They also include GUI Styles.

5-7-2012: Election 2012 - Obama vs Romney and Beyond astrological analysis has been posted. This article has a very in depth explanation of how I use the zodiacal releasing technique in Delphic Oracle.

2-22-2012: Astrolabe vs. Olson Case Dismissed! The case that Astrolabe brought against the Olson time zone database has been dismissed. EFF makes statement about the case (issued a warning to Astrolabe, to withdraw the case or face a motion for sanctions).

10-27-2011: Update on the Astrolabe vs Olson et al lawsuit... EFF lawyers have apparently taken up Olson's defense. IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) is now managing the Olson Time Zone database since the initial shutdown. There is more commentary on the lawsuit here, here and here. I have recently updated all programs with the changes submitted by Robert Elz to the time zone database.

9-14-2011: The al-firdaria time lord procedure has been added to Delphic Oracle 6 and Timaeus 8 Pro and includes the ability to cross reference to transits and progressions of various types, sorting by firdar and date as well as printing, acrobat file generation, etc...

5-16-2011: Terran Atlas 2, Delphic Oracle 6 and Timaeus 8 Pro have been released! The Terran Atlas database has 13 million records of places, latitudes, longitudes, 700 location type definitions similar to Google Maps and time zone info based upon the Olson Time Zone standard and is the largest astronomical atlas in the world! See readme files for Delphic Oracle and Timaeus.

3-19-2010: A new update for Delphic Oracle has been posted to the registered users section that fully integrates with UAC (User Account Control).

12-4-2009: Curtis Manwaring speaks in an interview by Kent Bye at the last NORWAC conference in Seattle about software development and Hellenistic astrological techniques.

12-2-2009: Delphic Oracle 5 DVD Video Manual is now available for download online in wmv format in the registered users area.

11-24-2009: A new article posted to the x-file cabinet argues for the merits that there was once a systematic approach to astrology.

11-23-2009: Curtis Manwaring speaks on blog talk radio about the history of events that led up to the movement to translate ancient astrological texts into English and software development.

10-12-2009: What is this site about? The mysteries are encoded within the pages and art of this site and only the most perceptive will truly understand. For those of you in a hurry, there is a reference on astrology (Exit 30) on the blue attractions sign on the left side of the road.

8-27-2009: Context Sensitive Help for Delphic Oracle 5 software is now finished. See registered users download area.

8-7-2009: Delphic Oracle 5 DVD Video Manual is now finished. Due to the size of the files (3.4 GB total) they will fit on DVD but bandwidth on the web would be too costly. I'm currently converting these to flash video for the web. The total time of the 59 separate sections is 4 hours and 6 minutes. If you want to order the DVD see the credit card order page.

6-14-2009: Delphic Oracle 5 has been released! See below or on the description pages for more info...

6-10-2009: The "Definitions and Foundations" text based upon the lost work of Antiochus of Athens has been published by Project Hindsight. It is the 2nd in the series about Hellenistic astrology.

11/28/2008: Zoidiasoft Technologies, LLC was relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada on Jan 1st, 2008. This site is currently undergoing redesign.

7/31/2006: Delphic Oracle 4 is available to registered users from the upgrade page. Login to the upgrade center to download your trial version.

6/11/2006: Version 6.0.1 of Timaeus is available to registered users for download on the upgrades page. This includes the Chartwheel Designer from Delphic Oracle v 4, ability to display bi-wheels and more.

5/13/2006: Work on Delphic Oracle is coming along nicely with v 4 expected to be out by the time of the PHASE Conclave in August...

12/23/2005: This site has been completely redesigned and it is the nearly the 10th anniversary of my first website going online. I got rid of the awful table based layout and implemented CSS based design.

10/11/2005: Cosmic Patterns' Kepler program and Delphic Oracle now have the ability to share birth chart info through import/export features available in both programs. So far I have only implemented this in the registered users version of the program. I plan to add the ability to export charts from Timaeus to Kepler as well.

6/30/2005: Delphic Oracle 3.0 has been released! A new printing standard has been implemented for hi-resolution printing of charts. New options allow the specification of DPI, and allow astrologer's contact info to be printed on charts. There is also the ability to create Adobe Acrobat files from birth chart info that show the chart wheel. I also recently added a currently active time lords feature. This shows when clicking on the graph in the graphic ephemeris or by entering a date in the main chart viewer. See online readme file for more info.

5/28/2005: I have updated the web version of the new help file for Delphic Oracle. You can see all of the changes I have made to the registered version of the app online now.

5/16/2005: Delphic Oracle is advancing significantly now, especially in the last 2 months. An interactive graphic ephemeris with heliacal phenomena has been implemented along with chart rectification and modifications of the GUI. I have updated the screen shot to give you an idea of the progress. Details are in the online readme file. I will be at ISAR with Schmidt et al to demonstrate it's use in person.

2/11/2005: I have updated Timaeus and Delphic Oracle downloads with the ACS Atlas dll interface online and several new features. Delphic Oracle has new time lord methods, ascensional times (circumambulation through the bounds and to rays), decennials now according to Valens and Hephastio of Thebes, etc. Both programs have several changes in the way charts are created. Because of this, I needed to make a change in the file format, so I had to create a file conversion utility for those who want to use existing chart files with the new software. See main page for more info.

1/22/2005: I have been very busy implementing new changes to Timaeus and Delphic Oracle. Both now use the ACS Atlas to do latitude, longitude and time zone lookups. Both programs have had a number of new points added to the birth chart displays, which now number over 30. Delphic Oracle has a new Chart Designer with support for themes so that you will not have to reset multiple settings every time you want to change between displays; you just select a theme and you're immediately back to the original settings. The reports section now contains eminence, dignities and lots and will include all future reports. Delphic Oracle now has the ability to do return charts for the planets [Sun .. Pluto]. Birth chart setup includes calculation of the ascendant and midheaven so that users can know before finalizing chart setup what angles to expect. In both Timaeus and Delphic Oracle inputs for latitude, longitude and date have been combined into single edit fields. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to update the downloads for trial users, nor can I explain all of the changes here, but I have updated the readme files on the web for those who are more interested in the particulars. If you don't have the ACS Atlas yet, be sure to contact me for instructions on how to get a substantial discount on the Atlas.

8/28/2004: The new InstallShield has been implemented in Delphic Oracle 2.0.3 and Timaeus 5.0.2. Because the installation file size has been cut by 1/3 in both applications, this significantly improves download time. Tucows has moved the rating of both of these applications up to 5 cows (which is their highest rating). This new technology uses the Microsoft Installer Engine, so if you are running an old version of windows, you may need to download the new installer engine from Microsoft.

8/12/2004: Timaeus v 5 has been released. It has the ability to draw chartwheels and set up birth charts for monitoring of aspects to forecast your day to day experiences in a "daily horoscope" format.

5/12/2004: Delphic Oracle version 2 is finished. Currently the only users who are able to preview a working copy of this new version are registered users of version 1, as I have not made it available on the web. Among the new features are a new web publishing tool that exports the chart image and statistics in tabular format to Html. There are also circular chartwheels, a chart designer, transit animation used in conjunction with time lord procedures, etc... If you want to know more take the tour available from the main page.

3/2/2004: I have uploaded another update for Delphic Oracle. This one streamlines the GUI for the time lords window with drag and drop toolbars to make it more attractive and user friendly.

2/28/2004: I have made updates to both Delphic Oracle and Timaeus as they were affected by a bug caused by the leap year calculations in a sub-component I designed. This has been corrected. Delphic Oracle also now exports the eminence indicators to the editor for printing and including in your documents.

2/14/2004: I added an export editor to Delphic Oracle to make it easy to copy, cut, paste, etc... the time lord sequences. The "Export" command is in the main menu and shortcut menu of the time lords and sub lords windows. The delineations also now use this editor so that you can save your own notes to the delineation files more easily.

Tip: On this website, I have also added the option to have all of your programs sent by CD-ROM on the same disk for those of you who order disks. It is alot simpler (and cheaper) if you order Timaeus, Zodiacal Aphesis, and Delphic Oracle just to put them all on the same CD, and now it is possible by visiting the main order page at the bottom. If you wish to do this, select the download only option for the software you wish to buy, then select to have them all put on the same CD in the media options section at the bottom.

1/7/2004: I made a correction in the sidereal zodiac conversion for east hemisphere longitudes which caused the ascendant calculation to be wildly off in Delphic Oracle (v 1.13). An easy fix, but I was not aware of it until Graham Fox pointed this bug out.

1/1/2004: Delphic Oracle v 1.12 makes a small correction in date assignment order similar to version 1.11, but in another unit, making sure the year is assigned, then month then day, because Feb 29 exists only in certain years. This should have been part of the last update, but it slipped my mind.

12/22/2003: Delphic Oracle v 1.11 fixes a couple of bugs and adds a couple of minor improvements. See readme file for more info about the bugs. Gone is the .cht extension in all birth chart listboxes, etc... I also added a browse dialog for the path to the Swiss Ephemeris files, so you no longer have to type it in manually.

9/10/2003: I have added the 129 year time lord system. It calculates periods down to the 4th subdivision and is included in both versions of Delphic Oracle.

9/8/2003: I have made a correction in the CMDateTime and CMStarDate components so that international users can run Delphic Oracle in a regional setting other than those that require the timeseparator to be a (:). This is a required upgrade for international users. I have also added the 129 year system time lord calculations down to the 3rd level, but this is not available yet in the demo version. The non demo version is currently at v 1.0.3, but the demo version is at 1.0.2. Both versions now automatically update your default location settings upon closing the setting window. Previous versions required your restarting Delphic Oracle for the settings to update.

8/27/2003: Delphic Oracle has been released! I began writing this program about 16 months ago and now finally the first version has been released (22,672 lines of code later). I still have to do the 129 year and quarters of the moon time lord methods, but that should be coming out shortly. After that I am planning to integrate the Swiss Ephemeris (with Dr. Treindl's approval) in order to extend the range of accuracy. Though the programming is quite involved, I believe I can handle it.

7/13/2003: The most recent version of Timaeus solves the regional setting issue where "... is not a valid floating point value". International users had to make sure that if they were using a comma (,) for the decimal separator symbol that they had to change it to a period (.) in the control panel in order for Timaeus to work. This download makes this adjustment unnecessary. This is a recommended upgrade for International users. Those who are already using a (.) for the decimal symbol separator in the control panel will not need to upgrade, nor notice any change in the behavior of Timaeus.

5/10/2003: This site is no longer on the Dreamscape server and has been transferred to iPowerWeb.

3/6/2003: Timaeus 4.0 has been released! This version calculates planet positions and expands the powers of the alerts. See release notes for the details. If you have a previous version of Timaeus I STRONGLY recommend you uninstall that first before installing v 4!

2/3/2003: I have been working on planetary calculation routines and now have positions of the planets accurate to the nearest 1/10th sec of arc for the current era. Soon you will be seeing new capabilities in Timaeus, and thereafter an entirely new program will be released later this year!

1/12/2003: Timaeus v 3.11 is released. The Jan 11th bug resurfaced temporarily due to modifications I made last July to solve isolated innacuracies in the sunrise/sunset routines. I decided it was time to be rid of the old code and implement the iteration algorithm for sunrise / sunset that I had thought of earlier. Sunrise and sunset times should now be accurate to within 30 seconds, but probably about +|- 60 sec at 60 N/S latitude or greater.

9/19/2002: Timaeus v 3.1 is released! This includes a setup wizard to help you with the settings.

9/1/2002: This site has undergone a major redesign to help improve navigation.

8/3/2002: Timaeus v 3.0 is released! This program now includes calculations for the ascendant, midheaven and vertex in real time and has the capability to watch for any degree of the zodiac passing one of the 4 chart angles in your location with user defined alerts. For more info, see the readme.txt file.

7/15/2002: I have made a significant improvement in Timaeus, exterminating what has become known as the January 11th bug. RIP. For more info about this bug see the readme.txt file. Timaeus is now version 2.1.

3/15/2002: As you've probably noticed, this site has gone through a major redesign. I have relocated all of the serious stuff to another site called "The Astrology X-File Cabinet" at www.astrology-x-files.com. Material that beginners will appreciate (like sun signs, planets in signs, and relationships and synastry) is now located at "The Lost Horoscope X-Files" website at www.horoscope-x-files.com, although the long section on the houses is in the astrology x-file cabinet. Zodiac-x-files.com is now the center for astrology software.

1/7/2002: I know I haven't updated this site in quite a while, but trust me something big is coming soon...

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