Company Policy and Ordering Information

SSL secure transactions Credit Card Orders:

All credit card transactions are secure 128 bit transactions processed through ®. Your registration code(s) will be sent to you by email within a few hours after authorization of your credit card order. To buy, see online order form or visit each application description page using the shopping cart as you go. It is a good idea to print the confirmation page or email you receive after you place your order.

Mail Orders Mail Orders:

Print order form, then make check or money order out to "Zoidiasoft Technologies", then send to the business address. I will email you your registration code(s) shortly after I receive your order. You will also receive instructions on how to register.

Refund Policy Refund Policy and Lost Registrations:

If you buy, you agree that you have checked your hardware specifications against what these programs require. There are no refunds for failure on your part to make sure you have the kind of machine required to run the software. If you have doubts, check out my youtube channel to see the software in operation. You can also download the free trials on the downloads page. If you lose your registration, you run the risk of having to re-register at full price if I can't find your order information. I strongly recommend you take the time to back up your registration codes and print out your receipts. If you are new to computers and are having trouble registering, call 315-200-2025 and I will personally walk you through the process with the option to use GoToAssist.

Tech Support Tech Support:

Technical support powered by GoToAssist.

Registered users are entitled to free email as well as phone tech support and remote assistance using GoToAssist.

New York Sales Tax New York Sales Tax:

New York State residents must add their state sales tax to the order. Online credit card orders handle this calculation for you automatically. If you are unsure of your tax rate, fill out the online form as if you were placing a credit card order, then when it gives you the total, make out a check instead of putting in your card number.

Privacy Privacy:

I have made all reasonable attempts to keep your personal information as secure as possible. This includes the use of 128 bit SSL encryption for your software orders. This site uses the RTCart shopping cart which requires cookies. It is a good idea to delete these files frequently (if you order, then after you complete your order) to maximize security. While you won't find your credit card information in a cookie (because that is the last step before submitting to the gateway) you may have other information such as name, address, telephone number, email, etc... This is one of the reasons why people suffer from too much spam email - because they don't delete their cookies, visit another website and that other site can potentially read that cookie and collect the info. (If you don't know what a cookie is, then open your Windows Explorer and look for the directory called "Windows", click on this, then look for a directory called "Cookies". Open this folder and you will see several *.txt files and an index.dat file.) The easiest way to delete your cookies if you use Internet Explorer, is to go to the menu Tools | Internet Options ... and you will see a button that says "Delete Cookies". Unfortunately, I had no way around cookie use; the programming issues involved make it an issue of balance between convenience and security.

It is my intention to keep all information you submit strictly confidential. The exception is that it may be possible for others to learn of your address, phone number and what you ordered on the receipt email when you buy software. If this is a problem for you, then I suggest that you use the mail order form. Of course, your credit card information is not posted anywhere outside the security of the server. Also, under no circumstances will your email address be released or sold to anyone. It is used solely for sending you your registration code(s) and information on updates to programs or to inform you of new programs I have written.

Shareware Policy and License Agreements Shareware Policy and License Agreements:

Timaeus 8 Lite is an unlimited trial download and demo's Delphic Oracle and Timaeus 8 Pro at the same time. This download is available on this site. For shareware (previous versions) see below...

Shareware Policy and License Agreements Shareware Policy and License Agreements (Tucows):

Timaeus is shareware. This means that you may download and foreward copies of the unregistered versions of these programs to anyone you wish. You have 30 days in which to evaluate these programs from the date of installation after which the software will no longer function if not registered. Please read the software license agreement that appears just before you install your software. After installation, you may refer back to this document which is called "License.txt" in the directory where you installed your application. Installation will abort if the software license agreement is not accepted.

Delphic Oracle is demoware. This means that you may download and try the demonstration version of this software. Copying and redistributing of Delphic Oracle is prohibited with two exceptions: You are allowed to make backup copies for personal use and Tucows along with it's co-branded sites is granted the right to host Delphic Oracle on any of it's mirrors.

Zodiacal Aphesis is freeware which means that it does not have a trial period or need to be registered and can be distributed to anyone as long as the copyright info and source code remains intact.



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