Software Upgrades

Registered users can use this page to upgrade their registered copy of Timaeus, Delphic Oracle or the Terran Atlas database. To login to the upgrade page for your software, click on the link for your software below. Your username and password to login can be found in your registration email. If you forgot what that is, contact me by email.

Online Help

Online help files are available below. You can also visit my YouTube Channel for more current video demonstrations. A more complete list of videos on Delphic Oracle 5 is online, but they are for version 5. It is quite extensive and still applicable with regard to the settings that are listed, but some features that came later such as primary directions, alfirdaria, and the rest of the medieval module, and TerraChron aren't covered. You should still take a look though because the feature list is much more detailed than the overview provided on the Delphic Oracle software page.


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