Software Technical Support

I'm using GoToAssist for my customers who want remote technical support. It's free, so you should take advantage of it. The way it works is I email you a support key and a web address and you go to the address and type in the support key and it will give you a dialog asking if you want to join in a support session. If you click yes, then I will be able to work on your machine as if I was present at your desk and you don't have to do anything more until your problem is solved. The alternative is that I can talk you through the problem on your machine.

If you have any questions regarding installation, registration, or if you think you have discovered a bug, or are a webmaster wondering about your site submission, etc... then call Curtis Manwaring at 315-200-2025. On Weekdays, the best time to reach me by phone is 12 pm - 10 pm EST. Towards the weekend, (Friday and Saturday night) I'm also available late (up to 2 am EST).

Online Help

Online help files are available below. You can also visit my YouTube Channel for more current video demonstrations. A more complete list of videos on Delphic Oracle 5 is online, but they are for version 5. It is quite extensive and still applicable with regard to the settings that are listed, but some features that came later such as primary directions, alfirdaria, and the rest of the medieval module, and TerraChron aren't covered. You should still take a look though because the feature list is much more detailed than the overview provided on the Delphic Oracle software page.


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