Testimonials from Zoidiasoft Customers

About Delphic Oracle:

Just a note to say that I'm increasingly enjoying using DO for doing primary directions. As far as I'm aware, it's the only software on the market that really presents directions in a classical or traditional fashion...

Martin Gansten - Author of the Primary Directions Diploma Course

Deeply appreciating your work! There's some kind of magic in it, returning more than lost treasures of human souls & divine minds.

Boro Petric - Vice President of the Austrian Society of Astrology in Vienna (founded 1908)

I have just ordered the Delphic Oracle download version and will be more than happy to receiving your further news. It's a great program, and the more I study your e-book and the other articles on Hellenistic Astrology the more I am really thankful that you put so much information on the internet - and that I came across it!

- M.B.

Thanks for creating this amazing program! I love the way the graph shows the heliacal phenomena. Delphic Oracle is truly brilliant!

- T.K.

I've been going through many of the articles on your website and downloaded Delphic Oracle. Been working on writing on chronocrators and this program has been totally valuable, especially since my arithmetic skills are not very good.

- J.C.

The Delphic Oracle is great, by the way! Nice to have the chart visible...

- N.J.

I just ordered your Delphic Oracle program on CD. It looks fascinating, and I'm looking forward to learning new things. I'm not an astrologer, mostly neophyte, but I am very curious about the concept.

- A.W.

I just needed to select the square view to 'not to have to think';-) Thank you. I am liking your program a lot!

- C.P.

... I think all of your software and articles are very helpful and fascinating.

- J.M.

About Timaeus:

"I've been using your Timaeus software for several months now and I love it! I sell real estate - and before I make calls (esp bad news ones), I check on the planets. Last week I had an awful situation with both sides fighting not wanting to fix a roof (well, it was a Saturn hour) - then exactly on the minute it turned to Jupiter - everything was settled easily!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!"

- Debby Smith, WA

"Planetary hours are really freaky! Very often EXACTLY as the hour changes, some external event takes place. The best was Friday evening I heard a police siren a couple of blocks away, and then Mars kicked in with the Siren playing on the PC!"

- Gary Cousins, Cape Town, South Africa

"Timaeus is running great. I love doing something & hearing the little beep and realizing how the hour fits right in with what I'm doing."

- Betty Ramsey, NV

"I'm finding planetary hours to be as indispensable as lunar transits for gaging the mood of the hour. This is an excellent and subtle tool for keeping 'natural' time! The suggested hour descriptions are well done too."

- Marilynn, PA

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a terrific program. I use it everyday in various ways. As an astrologer for over 30 years, I appreciate the features you provide at such a reasonable cost - great work."

- N.S.

This is GREAT!!! Thanks so much for producing this. I love the little icon that's constantly on the lower toolbar (especially since all my computer stuff is done at work and it's tres discrete. If they only knew!).

- P.H.

Thanks for making me aware of the upgrade for Timeaus. WOW. I'm just getting into it, but had to say thank you. I love that both Fortune and Spirit show in the charts.

- N.J.

About Zodiacal Aphesis:

"Thank you, I got a program and it is great!!! I am afraid that I'll spend new year eve calculating charts instead to going on a party :-) This is quite a relief after manual calculations..."

- Slaven Slobodnjak, Zagreb Croatia

"Thanks for all your work to create this program. It saves me a lot of time. I appreciate the stability and ease of use of your program. It is worth alot more to me than what you are charging for it."

- Dave Stricker, AK

"I have been enjoying your program very much. Thanks for all your effort in advancing the understanding of astrology."

- Thea Marshall, NM


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