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11/5/2001: Timaeus v 2.0 has been released! It now includes wav files for different sounds at the hour start depending upon which planet is starting. It also includes a new "schedule tab" for searching planetary hours for any date and non-polar location on the globe between 4712 BC and 10000 AD!

10/4/2001: The main index of this site now has a new look, though I doubt search engines will rank it as high as the crappy looking one I had up before.

9/1/2001: I have just given my links page a much needed overhaul weeding out dead links. Those of you who are still with me should see more traffic. A big increase in the number of categories has been added for better organization. If you do not see your link, I might have deleted it by mistake. If you are reciprocating my link then please add your site to my index again - my apologies.

7/12/2001: Thanks to those who helped me find the JPL algorithms for the Moon!

5/8/2001: The long article on chart synastry (relationships) has recently been finished. I am currently working on a new program and need more accurate algorithms for calculating the planets positions, especially the Moon. I have not had much luck finding the JPL algorithms which I know are state of the art. If anyone knows where I can find these (I already went to the JPL website) let me know.

3/20/2001: I have made a significant revision of Timaeus (version 1.1) that should fix the problems that users from the eastern hemisphere were having. This application should now be working quite well!

3/1/2001: This site is now e-commerce capable! I have also added minor revisions to both Timaeus and Zodiacal Aphesis to facilitate ordering directly from the application.

1/31/2001: I created a minor upgrade to Zodiacal Aphesis (v 1.42) in order to make it easier to buy.

1/30/2001: The article on the planets in the zodiac signs is finally finished after nearly a year of writing. I will now be addressing the problems east hemisphere users are having with Timaeus. This will probably involve a redesign that includes a schedule for the hours during the day/night. E-commerce is planned for this site in the near future...

12/29/2000: The article on the planets in the zodiac signs is nearly finished. I will be in Cumberland at the Schmidt's for the next 3 - 4 days. Have a happy new year!

11/28/2000: I issued a minor release of Zodiacal Aphesis (v 1.41) in order to correct a small bug I found in the 4th level loosing of the bond. Yesterday I finished the definitions for Gemini in the Apotelesmatics section.

11/3/2000: Lots of goodies for you today! Timaeus v 1.0 is released! See how this system tray application forecasts your local astrological weather report! Also Dave Stricker wrote a lengthy prediction about the presidential election using many of the ancient time lord methods!

10/31/2000: Added 2 new articles to the X-File Cabinet: one by Dave Stricker and the other by G. Kumar. Dave will have more on the presidential candidates soon.

9/25/2000: Finished definitions to Taurus in article on Zodiac Signs. Also made each sign accessable individually from the apotelesmatics section.

9/11/2000: Added 2 new definitions to article on Zodiac Signs and revised some inaccuracies in the first version.

8/21/2000: Added minor update to article on Zodiac Signs. Finished debugging/testing of a new date/time component for use in the Delphi IDE. Will be used in an upcoming program.

8/8/2000: I fixed a minor bug that automatically restores defaults whenever the window displaying further subdivisions is closed. I also added automatic aphesis recalculation whenever a chart is opened. The article on essential dignities is updated with a table for the Egyptian bounds.

7/24/2000: A significant revision of the apotelesmatics section has been made, particularly in the article about essential dignities to reflect recent discoveries by Rob Schmidt and to make corrections to errors repeated from antiquity.

7/9/2000: Zodiacal Aphesis v 1.3 is released! This version has general file saving and opening capabilities and restores defaults at startup.

6/30/2000: I will be at a conference in Cumberland, MD the first few days of July meeting with Rob Schmidt and others involved in Project Hindsight. I recently corrected an I/O error in v 1.3 of Zodiacal Aphesis. If those currently doing the beta testing report no more problems, it should be released when I get back.

6/27/2000: In the Aphesis 1.3 Beta version, I have corrected the overwrite problem with an overwrite prompt and checked for the existence of the Options.txt file so that if it exists, the options are automatically loaded at startup through the formcreate method. Soon to be released as the standard version.

6/26/2000: I am currently Beta testing Zodiacal Aphesis v 1.3. This version has the ability to save and open individual user files. The saving of individual files is in need of overwrite protection of same name files. The Open and Save dialogs also need to set the focus back to the options file directory for the options settings.

6/21/2000: Zodiacal Aphesis v 1.2 is released! This updated program has the ability to save your options to a text file and load the current time from the system clock.

5/4/2000: Just released Zodiacal Aphesis v 1.11. Added a URL label component that automatically brings you from the application to this web site. I am also working on an update for the zodiacal aphesis program that includes file saving capabilities and other improvements. The apotelesmatics section of this site will be getting weekly (aprox.) updates, mostly for "Planets in the 12 Zodiac Signs".

4/1/2000: Since I am no longer doing consultations, I am forewarding all requests to Dennis Cole, an excellent astrologer here in the Syracuse area. Recently, I have been devoting most of my time to software development with the Delphi 5 IDE, and am working on a new project, which for now will be kept secret, but will hopefully be finished in a few months.

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